Our Mission

"Trader Analytics helps RIA, bank and hedge fund operations around the world
improve trader performance while lowering risk." 
Kenneth Reid, Ph.D.

We help trading firms improve their bottom line by providing objective psychometrics for 30 character traits relevant to top trader performance. We then help you translate these metrics into measurable improvements in trader behavior.

Advanced psychometrics reveal precisely why Trader X consistently performs better than Trader Y.
Statistical Correlation
Our correlation algorithm can identify which trader personality traits are responsible for the majority of profits on your trading floor.
Trader Development
Objective, detailed feedback helps traders set behavioral goals that improve bottom-line results.
Psychometric profiling helps find new hires that fit your culture and performance standards.
Trader Wellness
Improve trader longevity and lower risk factors with our comprehensive Trader Lifestyle program.
Free Assessment
Free consultation to develop a customized program to suit your goals and culture.

A company is only as strong as its weakest link.

A Peak Performance culture requires a commitment to sustainable excellence. Long-term success depends on the accumulation and cultivation of human capital, your most precious resource.

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